Monday, December 1, 2008

Denver Kia Dealership

Submitted by Tim Thompson

There are a few Denver KIA dealerships in the area and after visiting Peak KIA in Littleton and being disappointed, I was pleasantly surprised when I visited Osborn KIA dealership in Lakewood.

Their dealership was very clean which is normal but I was happy with the help the salesmen provided me. It was more than the pushy salesman that we frequently get when "looking for a car." When I was approached, it wasn't how can I help you, it was "if you have any questions or need any assistance with any of our vehicles please let us know." I was told that they recently have hired a new GM of the KIA dealership and look to improve on their presence of Denver KIA Dealers. I left the KIA dealership in Lakewood with more knowledge about the KIA cars I was interested in and comfortable with the relationship I had made with the salesman. If I ever buy a KIA it will be from the Osborn KIA Dealership.

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