Monday, December 1, 2008

Denver Volkswagen Dealerships

There are a few big names when it comes to Volkswagen Dealerships in the Denver Metro Area. We are looking at Osborn Automotive, Emich Volkswagen, McDonald Volkswagen & Tynan's.

The first on the list, Osborn Automotive is located on W. Colfax in Lakewood. The appearance of the VW dealership is very appealing, the building is nice and the car lot is very clean. When you walk into Osborn Automotive, someone welcomes you and asks if they can get you something to drink. When it comes to customer service of Denver dealerships, Osborn ranks in the top. The salesmen were eager to help you find your next car...not too pushy but maybe a little too in your face. They were really trying to push Volkswagen's new Jetta TDI which is a diesel jetta that is suppose to be getting 50 mpg! They actually sold me on the idea with the new jetta having a mechanism that filters the exhaust so it is a really "green car."

When I was looking at the selection I was impressed with all of the cars they had in their lot. Their selection of New & Used cars was greater than the majority of previous dealerships I have been to. The pricing on used cars was average to slightly high.

Now I didn't buy a car from them but I acted like I wanted to trade in my 04' Explorer and I was surprised with the trade in price they offered me. I figured it would be way lower than what I felt my car was worth and actually it was just a little less.

I made a few phone calls to their service center and acted like I needed to get my car fixed. I asked them what they charge per hour for service and it was a little bit higher than average. They told me that they would have my car done faster because they specialize in vw auto repair and know those cars inside and out. I also asked when I could get my car serviced and they said the next day. I don't know if they are slow or if they just allow a lot of cars to be worked on at once.

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